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Who We Are

For a start, we are a small company. We draw our roots from another company; after it split up, we became a company of our own, and are 100% privately owned.

Our products have a longer history. They were made 30 years ago. In their original form, they were made specifically for the professional sector, specifically the telecommunications sector. Over the years, they have been developed further and refined, and are now at the point of performing well over twice that of the original, with several key problems resolved.

A completely new generation of filters has been evolved, and are now being offered.

Our philosophy, the core of our very existence, is simple and clear: we aim to offer true quality at realistic prices. This has always been our logic, and we see no reason to change it now.

In 2004, the old company team split up over differences in product and customer approach which could not be resolved in any other way but by splitting up. Those who wanted to keep things as they were, despite obvious problems, continued to work, at least until the passing away of the old company owner. What will happen now is anybody's guess.

Others, who wanted change, evolution, new and better products, established their own company, DDM Elektro. d.o.o., but also took away with them their rights to trade marks. Hence, the DeZorel trade mark is now owned by DDM Elektro d.o.o..

We will also be introducing completely new product lines, to cover other sides of audio we have only touched on so far, but plan on expanding to in the near future. Both using tubes and solid state electronics.

Our average age is 43 years. This means we all have long histories in power filtering and audio, so it's only to be expected that we can and do deliver on our claims. But as ever, we strongly advise everyone to check out for themselves, given that tastes are many.

But above all, we have managed to stay as enthusiastic about our work as we were in the beginning; only now, this enthusiasm is backed up by substantial experience. We'll try to stay that way.


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