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Our Terms Of Trade are very simple and are non negotiable.

If we are not represented in your country, and if no other distributor is covering your area, we will agree to sell direct to you. To make this happen, we expect you to first consult with us, regarding model type and specifications, and once agreed, to transfer the required amount of money (to include basic price plus shipping charges) from your bank account to ours. Unfortunately, at this time, this is till the only legal way of making the purchase, since Serbian banks still do not allow for credit card payments over the Internet.

We undertake to inform you of your remittance's arrival within 24 hours from the moment our bank informs us of its arrival. Thereafter, we have 14 (fourteen) days to ship the goods to you.

How safe is this? Actually, it's extremely safe for you as a customer. Local laws oblige us to be able to show proof of shipping the purchased goods; if we cannot submit such proof, we face very stiff fines and a probable company shutdown. Therefore, shipping the purchased goods to us is not only a matter of doing business properly, but also a matter of simple survival.

All the proof you need is a simple statement from your bank showing when the remittance was made, and that you receive by default.

We try to keep our delivery times as short as possible, but they will depend on our current stock of available models. In many instances, we ship within 48 hours.

Simply download the payment form from our site, fill it in and pass it on to you bank. It's as simple as that. Transfers typically take 3-5 work days.

Repeat Customers

Repeat customers are granted a 5% discount on their second, and 10% discount on their third and subsequent purchases. We value your confidence in us, and not in words only.


We offer a 5 (five) year warranty on all our products, as per the data sheet for each product. In case you have no authorized dealer/distributor in your area, we will undertake servicing and will cover the shipping costs.

Our policy is that of a no quibble warranty, with replacement to facilitate the servicing. Typical servicing turnaround is 1-2 work days.

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