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DeZorel Product line

Today, our product line consists of just three basic models.

Model Duet contains a single dual filter module and feeds two outputs.
Model Quartet uses two such boards and feeds four outputs.
Model Sextet uses three boards and feeds six outputs.

All models use the same type of boards, so the only real difference is in how many filter modules you require. Ideally, each component should have its own filter, so all you have to do is to count your present components, include what you know or hope will have in the near future, and pick the model tight for you. It's as simple as that.

You can also choose the colour of your case between charcoal black with white lettering, or silver grey with black lettering at no extra cost.

All models are available with European Schuko, North American or IEC output sockets.

The only option, available at a surcharge, is to have your printed circuit board gold plated for maximum conductivity. North American customers can optionally have Furutech sockets installed in place of standard ones.

DDM Product line

As the daughter company of DDM Elektro d.o.o., we also manufacture superlative power line filters for them. These will ba available on their own site.

Ultra high performance filters made for our parent company. Although the same basic concepts are used, these are highly evolved versions of next generation power line filters. Their construction outlay is different from DeZorel models, and despite similarity, they have built in what are options on DeZorel filters. With these models, price considerations took a back seat.

DeZorel Product Line

Model Duet
Model Quartet
Model Sextet


DDM Product Line

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