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Model Quartet

For all practical means andpurposes, our model Quartet is in fact two models Duet put together in one large case, equaling two Duets put side by side – but at a lower price.

It uses exactly the same tried and proven technology with two dual filter boards side by side, each of the four filter sections feeding its own output socket. The sockets can be European Schuko or international IECformat. The power input socket is the usual IEC male three prong socket.

Two filters are of the higher (10A 210...240 VAC) type, and the other two are of the lower (6A 210...240 VAC) type. The ONLY difference between the two is their power rating – in all other respects, they are exactly the same. Consequently, the outputs are colour coded, so you can easily tell which are which even at a glance.
The case is our large all aluminium model – we use it for its superior electrical characteristics in comparison with the more usual and much cheaper pressed steel type. The finish is in natural aluminium gray.

Four front mounted LEDs inform of the filter operating status. If any one of them goes off, that filter needs fuse replacement. If all are off, the master fuse needs replacement. It is conveniently located at the back of the unit, so it’s easily accessible in case you ever need it.

This model is intended for audiophiles with medium size systems, or any other situation in which high quality filtering is required to be conveniently located in one case. CAD/CAM systems are usually covered with this model, where each filter is dedicated to the PC, the screen, the scanner and the printer, also acting as a convenient power distribution strip.

Default model:

  IEC power input, European Schuko power output sockets

Option 1 :

 IEC power input, IEC power output sockets (no extra charge, but must be mentioned when ordering), model Quartet/IEC.

Option 2:

  Special version of filter specifically intended for video. Modest surcharge. Mix and match with other options.


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