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Model Sextet

Our top of the line model. It builds on the model Quartet by adding a third dual filter board, for a full complement of six parallel filters in one case. Two filters are of the higher power variety (10A 210...240 VAC) and four are of the lower power variety (6A 210...240 VAC); other than the power rating, they are exactly the same.

The case is our all aluminium type, offering superior electrical characteristics to the much more common and cheaper pressed steel cases. It is finished in natural aluminium gray. The European Schuko sockets at the back are color coded for easy location and use. Optionally, it is also available with internationally recognized IEC power output sockets at no extra charge.

On the front panel, six LEDs inform of the filter operating status. If any one should ever go off, that filter needs a fuse replacement. If all are off, the master fuse, conveniently located at the back of the unit, needs replacing.

This unit is intended for audio and video philes with extensive systems. For example, if you own a power amplifier or two, a preamplifier, a CD player, a tuner and a turntable, this is the model for you. If you wish to combine your audio with your video, you no longer need fear the high frequency garbage of video devices entering your precious audio system, our filter will see to it that nothing of the kind happens. Six individually filtered outputs should be enough for most.

Default model:

  IEC power input, European Schuko power output sockets

Option 1:

  IEC power input, IEC power output sockets (no extra charge, but must be mentioned when ordering), model Sextet/IEC.

Option 2:

  Special version of filter specifically intended for video. Modest surcharge. Mix and match with other options.

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