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Model Duet

Even our entry level model affords its owners our full isolation facility. It contains two parallel filters on one printed circuit board, each feeding its own Schuko or IEC output socket. Other than being conveniently located on the same board, the two filters are completely separate. Consequently, the two filtered outputs are also completely separate, and crosstalk from one output to the other is better than 120 dB (or 1,000,000:1). In practical terms, we can safely say there is no crosstalk.

As with our larger models, the case is fully made of aluminium, offering superior electrical characteristics to the more usual and much cheaper pressed steel. The finish is in natural aluminium gray.

The front mounted LEDs inform the user of the device status. If either one goes off, the fuse needs replacing; but your chances of ever seeing that are extremely slim. If both are off, then the master fuse, conveniently located at the back of the unit, needs replacing.

This model is intended for audiophiles and videophiles on a budget, or with extremely small systems. It can also be used as an additional filter to the already existing one, as an expansion unit.

It has and is successfully used even in places for which it was not specifically made, such as hospitals, specifically for scanners, in private medical and dental facilities. Fundamental research labs at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, also use them for ultra sensitive measuring equipment filtering. In Holland, these units are used in professional A/V studios.

Reasonably small, very convenient and at a reasonable price, it is the ideal choice for those with limited devices numbers.

Default model:

IEC power input, European Schuko power output sockets


IEC power input, IEC power output sockets (no extra charge, but must be mentioned when ordering), model Duet/IEC.

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